Pulling images failing frequently in cdg

Fyi I’m seeing this error frequently today in the cdg region.

2021-11-02T14:45:05.078 runner[42ce73e0] cdg [info] Pull failed, retrying (attempt #2)
2021-11-02T14:45:05.078 runner[42ce73e0] cdg [info] Pulling image failed

Will monitor, thanks. Is this a pull from the internal Fly registry or from elsewhere?

I’m getting the same errors in cdg and I believe the answer to your question is the internal Fly registry (so my app’s image), as I am not pulling images from anywhere.

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We were working on a couple of hosts in CDG, so there was a temporary interruption in service. Should be all fixed now :+1:

Specifically, we were adding new hosts in to expand capacity, and some of them starting taking requests before they were ready. They should all be ready and successfully serving requests now.