Again stuck on "Pulling container image"

Happened a lot in the past, happening again:

2023-12-12T22:20:36Z runner[91852305b75278] ams [info]Pulling container image

Time of writing: 22:27.

7 minutes in.

Anyone else having this?

Yes, I’ve been getting this fairly often. I’m pretty new to using fly for production and it’s been a bit frustrating to see this. Sometimes it appears that the runner gets stuck and stopping the machine and redeploying works. That doesn’t seem to be the case here.

iad [info]Pulling container image

Just over and over on the runner, and eventually

iad [error]Pulling image failed, retrying

Not sure how to resolve this. I haven’t seen anything on

aside: Love fly. It’s definitely simplified some operational things for me. That said I’ve been using Gitlab CI + GKE since 2017 something and I can’t remember an occasion where I’ve not been able to get my work out.

Hopefully there’s some workaround. Can certainly build my own images but the rollout strategy is a bit fuzzy to me. One of these days it’s going to be an emergency and I don’t want to be sitting here all thumbs.

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