Problem with redirecting even after account deleted

Hi guys,
I had a Fly account previously, but I disabled the services and even deleted it, but I’m still getting troubles:

As you see, the url with www is working fine, but the bare domain is still redirecting to Fly, and wont work.

The DNS entries CNAME and A are set up as follows:

The IP is indeed the domain (this is how the glitch system works with custom domains).

Any hint?

Just to clarify: you are trying not to use or The IP those return is up to your DNS provider, I don’t see entries for either one though:

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Yes, I’m trying to not use Fly anymore, I even deleted my account.

The correct url is, not, you mistyped it.

Thanks for help.

Ah, I see it. Are you trying to use these domains with Glitch? Glitch is using, but you’ll. need to make sure they have registered through their UI before they’ll respond to requests on that domain.

They are already set up correctly on Glitch system:


There is nothing more I can do. Could you please see if is there something wrong at Fly’s side?

Hi @albs-br

I took a quick look at your DNS config, I think you may be using the wrong IP address for your A record.

Please try setting the IP address for your A record to

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WOW| That’s it! It solved the problem. I don’t know from where I got the IP.

Now both,br and work just fine.