Fly "Site" feature still in use even after deleted

Hi guys. I used to have a Fly “Site” to redirect my personal domain to my site hosted on Glitch.
But after the feature was deprecated I deleted it, but somehow it is still responding:

My domain:

DNS setting on the domain registar of my country (Brazil):


Response Header:

Why is this happening?

My site is working only on bare domain ( not on

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks and are two separate hostnames in our system (and also, Glitch’s system).

What do you want these domains to do? Are you trying to point them to not-Glitch? All you need to do is change your DNS records if you want that to happen.

Both domains should point to my site at

Where is located this configuration on I already deleted my “Site” and have no other feature enabled, as far as I remember.


Anyone could help me please?

Oh, this is actually something you’d configure on Glitch’s end. They have custom domains they manage through Fly, but you configure them with their UI.