Requests to failing

Hi Fly team,

This morning we began seeing lots of timeouts to domains pointed to

Now we’re seeing empty network response -

We’re not seeing issues with our application (the origin) -

What’s going on?

This was probably related to a DDoS mitigation bug: Status - Routing issues with IP block

The apps are not as stable as the more recent container based apps. They’re usually fine, but this kind of issue hits them harder than the container based apps we launched a couple of years ago.

Is there a migration guide for customers that use solely for securing customer hostnames?

This is a guide for setting up custom hostnames: SSL for Custom Domains

The migration is relatively simple:

  1. Create a new app
  2. Test it with a different hostname
  3. Email us ( the JS runtime app name and the new container runtime app name
  4. We’ll link all your certificates in

You can test as much as you want after that, none of this is disruptive. When you’re ready, you just change DNS to point to the new app and you’re good to go.