Glitch Custom Domains Not Working!

Unfortunately I use as my project host, and glitch uses to get custom domains working. An issue with fly means that my sites and are down :frowning: Any update on this?

This isn’t an issue with Fly. Glitch is using some example code we built for them years ago. It’s running on deprecated infrastructure and trying to use features that no longer exist.

We’re going to see if we can work with them to get it disabled more gracefully but there’s no fix we can put in place yet. I would recommend moving your domains and handling the Glitch reverse proxy yourself.

FYI, we’ve restored some storage features to workaround this for a bit so your domains should work a little better now.


It’s working again thanks! If there’s any way you can keep this workaround up until glitch fixes their code to use non deprecated features that would be very epic, as my link shortener ( depends on your service :smiley:

Oh noes! My domains broke again. Was the workaround removed again?

Nope, all still good. We figured out a plan with Glitch so they should continue to work.