Pitfalls of trying to deploy to too many regions?

I have an application that deploys to 20 different regions. Over the last 24 hours i’ve been having issues trying to deploy to all 20 regions in a single deployment… different regions seem to be unavailable at different times of the day, so my deployments are very spotty (in terms of being successful and just hang for a long time… if not just fail all together).

Is there a way we could have a deployment type where it tries to deploy to as many regions as possible (say 19 out of 20) and then just puts the 20th region let’s say in a different “waiting” state, so maybe on the next deployment it tries that 20th region again?

I’d very much rather have 19/20 regions up and running and able to deploy the changes to my app, than have a deployment hanging for 3 hours trying to deploy to a region that isn’t working.

Does this already happen in the background and i’m just not aware of it? Are the Wireguard issues lately the cause of the slow/hanging deployments?

Note: Look’s like my deployment is hanging due to an issue in the nrt region perhaps? But it would be great for some sort of timeout, and then maybe it just drops that region for that deployment…that way my app can be deployed in as little time as possible :slight_smile:

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