"organization has no payment method" -- but I do! I think

  1. My Personal org has a credit card configured (confirmed: Dashboard for Personal, ‘Manage Billing’, see Stripe UI confirming the card).

  2. fly launch --org personal to ensure it’s the right org.

  3. Before it even puts up the ‘Here’s what you’re getting:’ line in the CLI, I see: Warning: This organization has no payment method, turning off high availability. Which comes up a couple more times, prevents creation of a database, etc.

:thinking: Yargh … sort of a bummer to see a blocker right out of the gate!

Ah – when I follow the billing link from the CLI to the Web UI, it says it can’t find the org [named after my username].

So this led me to the real issue: logging in personal vs. work. Closing for now.

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