This organization has no payment method, turning off high availability

For my account i can’t able to deploy the application in fly. Whenever i try to upload image below mentioned error got raised. Please help me resolve this issue as soon as possible.

hi @Giritharan

For new each new organization you create, you’ll need to add a payment method. New organizations are automatically on the Hobby plan.
Existing orgs remain on their legacy plans, if applicable.

See Billing · Fly Docs and Resource Pricing · Fly Docs.

Hello team. I am facing the Your account has been marked as high risk issue when ever i try to launch my application. my team can able to launch. but i am not. please whitelist my mail id or else please provide me a necessary steps.

Were you able to access the url specified in the error message? You need to do that for further verification.

I followed the link.but it said need to verify account through card. I am using my company account, ican’t. but all the people can access the without any problem. please help me resolve this issue.

If you are a member of another organization to which the rest of your team also belongs, have you tried deploying from there rather than the new personal organization created with your account?

If that doesn’t work, then you’ll need to contact to determine if there any other steps you can take to authenticate your account.

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