Unable to make payments

Hi guys,

I’ve been enjoying fly for the most part, especially the amusing docs, but left it for a while and came back to an 82cent bill. No biggie I thought so I added a card and got a fraud notification so it declined the first payment. It’s now good to go but I can’t for the life of me find a way to make a manual payment. Like what? Either your UI is shit or you’ve missed one of the most basic features… I want to give you money! Let me! So I’m now in limbo, unable to do anything until it decides to take a payment. I think that’ll be the 1st but if I find a new solution between now and then (Cloudflare wrangler is looking nice) I might not be coming back.

Thanks for changing the way I think about Ops though. Coming from AWS originally.

Can confirm, billing UI is shit. I just waived that invoice so you should be good to go now.


Thanks for the swift action Kurt. I guess I’ll be sticking around.


Hi, I have to deal with the same issue. I have an outstanding bill of 0.56$ for February which for a reason unknown to me didn’t go through with my bank (in Spain). I’d like to try again maybe with a different card, but I can’t find any way to do that.