Add a payment method to keep using our platform.


I have a small app. I want to use free plan to deploy my app. But whenever I trying to lunch app in, It’s always give me below error:

Warning: This organization has no payment method, turning off high availability
Error: We need your payment information to continue! Add a credit card or buy credit: Sign In · Fly

Can anyone help me?


hi @SanganiFenil

New accounts are automatically on the Hobby plan. All accounts require a payment method.


Hi @andie

Thanks for your answer.

So, Do I have to pay $5 on every month? No any free plan available on

There’s no free plan, but if you want to try for free, you can still do that as a brand new user, since you get a $5 sign-up credit. You won’t get charged until the $5 credit is used up. But you still need to add a payment method. See Resource Pricing · Fly Docs

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