Is anybody else being charged extra?

It says I’ve had a “VM: Shared CPU (Tier 2)” running for 995907 second (11 days) even though I only (and unknowingly) scaled up an app today for less than a minute, which I scaled back down and deleted. My current month was at $0.00 when I couldn’t deploy around 7 pm from what I can remember. My apps haven’t even been used by anyone but me developing them which I hadn’t touched for months until today.

It climbed from 912007 seconds from 9:16 pm and it’s now 3:08 am. That’s a difference of 23.31 hours billed in the span of 6 hours.

I’m wondering if it’s because the app I scaled up was deleted during the deployment monitoring issues from today and it got stuck in limbo? I couldn’t even reuse the namespace for redeployment.

I panicked and deleted all the apps just to be safe. I’ve also contacted and I’m waiting for their reply which will probably be tomorrow, but I’m wondering if it’s just me.

What’s going on? :frowning: I’m scared.

Alright, apparently the app in question was marked as ERROR and only showed up via flyctl apps list on the terminal, which I’ve deleted and now I don’t have any apps running anywhere. I’m still confused about the surge in billing, though. Thoughts?

Alright, so I got word back from support. I think I completely forgot about the pricing model and the climbing cost blind-sighted me with panic. I’m still falling within the grace credits for the month so there won’t be a charge. I’ll have to dig into what was consuming CPU time more than usual in the past few months that I didn’t realize. Definitely a learning experience for future clients!

Either way, I’m still very grateful of the hobby tier service Fly has been so graceful in providing during my studies. <3 Love y’all!