Obtaining machine logs via API

Is there an endpoint in the Machines API to obtain logs for individual running/stopped machines?

Not seeing any examples in the documentation, so wonder if such an endpoint actually exist.
I know i can get some logs via the flyclt, but i’m specifically interested in the Machines API only.



Logs aren’t available through an API call directly for Machines (through the Machines API).

I believe I saw that someone was working on some more log functionality/integrations but at this second, you can use an instance of the Fly Log Shipper to ship logs somewhere that will allow you to filter them (or you can filter by an app or even machine via log shipper config).

Here’s an example! Shipping Logs · Fly


Yeah, i’m already familiar with log shippers, and that should be more than enough for now.

Wonder if you’re considering “Log Drains” feature in the future? This is a very convenient feature on Heroku platform and allows to quickly add a HTTP sink for logs without having to deploy a separate app.

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