New feature: machine events endpoint

We’ve had several requests to get a list of all machine events since we currently only show the last 5 events from the current v1/apps/<appid>/machines/<machineid> endpoint. To help with overall machines debuggability/observability and usage metrics, we’ve added a new /events endpoint that you can use to get a list of all events from a specific machine.

This can be accessed by running a get request to v1/apps/<appid>/machines/<machineid>/events. Here’s an example of how to do that via curl:

curl XGET -H "Authorization: Bearer TOKEN_HERE" "http://_api.internal:4280/v1/apps/APPNAME/machines/MACHINEID/events" | jq '.'

We currently show type, status, source and timestamp for a single event. We have plans to offer filters via query params in the future. If there’s more information you’d like to see or any issues you have with this endpoint, let us know!


Nice. Is this going to make it to flyctl?