Non personal orgs are $5/month now?

Hey there, I was making a new org and saw that ‘Hobby’ Plan is now $5 outside of the ‘Personal’ Org. Is this accurate?

I’m not sure why the post here wasn’t answered directly, but I think it’d be nice to have a public answer on this.

Thank you

Thanks for your question! We’re changing things around with our base plans a little bit and are now requiring a credit card up-front for new organizations on – a big motivation for this change is to prevent abuse on our free plans.

We’re still figuring out some of the details around our new plans, but will be introducing credits for new signups because we want to make sure that you’re still able to test things out for free.


Hey Matt,

Thanks for the response. It seems that there’s no longer a free plan outside of the Personal org.

I just want to confirm: The baseline will be $5/mo for each new Org that I make from here on out?

The pay-as-you-go thing misleads me into thinking that I will only pay once I have machines running and thought there would be an announcement or something to any new orgs having a base price of $5/mo.

Additionally, the ‘Hobby Plan’ isn’t on the pricing page which would probably be useful :slight_smile:

You’re totally right, we really do need to have that on the pricing page! :man_facepalming:t2:
There’s an updated pricing page on the way, but it’s not quite ready yet.

That said, we’ve made another change around how we charge organizations and are no longer billing orgs that don’t have any usage on them for the month. So, at the moment, if you sign up for a hobby plan and don’t do anything, you won’t get billed.

Both of these changes are part of a large internal re-work of how we handle our billing/invoicing in order to make it clear (and closer to realtime) around what you’re paying for and why.

As an aside, I’m curious about how you’re using organizations – would you helping me understand what you use different orgs for?


Sure! So I tend to make a lot of projects, and I’m looking to start an NGO where we’ll be taking on clients. So, each client would have a different org for, no pun intended, better organization.

Each project/client will have their own Org.

Thanks for clarifying! I appreciate it!

Hi. I’m sure you have lots of customers who care about having some kind of free tier or trial, but for what it’s worth, I care less about that than about having usage-based pricing that can scale to close to 0 when the usage is low. I’m disappointed to be reading that LiteFS Cloud has a $5/mo minimum and that having multiple orgs per account might start incurring a $5/mo minimum (per org?).

What made me a fan of when I first joined was the ability to purchase $25 in prepaid credits and then use them as slowly as I like. If all I need is a 1GB volume and a machine that scales to 0 and only receives a little bit of traffic on it, then I only need to spend less than $1/mo and those credits will last me several years. I’ve been raving about this to friends.

For example, I have one friend who builds WordPress sites for her friends. Her use case would be to create an org per friend, but not if each one of those added a $5/mo minimum to her bill. I have another friend who’s a college teacher and is considering using for his students to deploy and run apps that they create for the class to. In order to have each student not have to have or use their own credit card, he would consider signing up with his own credit card and creating an org for each student, but not if that added a $5/mo minimum charge per student.

I hope you consider cases like this when figuring out your new pricing structure for orgs, reconsider your $5/mo minimum for LiteFS Cloud, and consider this for any new services you launch. I completely respect your need to prevent abuse of resources and to be profitable, but I hope there’s a way for you to achieve that while still allowing low-resource-needing apps to run for cheap without being priced out of all your great innovations to come.


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