No suitable driver found for mysql database (Docker app with mysql app)

I’ve deployed my docker app (built in Ktor) via in ktor app.
Then I’ve done everything specified here → Use a MySQL Database · Fly Docs I’ve named it db app.

In ktor app I’ve setup secrets

For MYSQL_DATABASE I’ve set “db-app.internal” and I’m getting an error in ktor app: No suitable driver found for db-app.internal

What am I missing? How to connect that app with the app holding mysql database?

By digging more, I found a solution.

For anyone with the same issue, MYSQL_DATABASE secret on my ktor app should be set to:
jdbc:mysql://{your app name}.internal/{your db name}

{your app name} is name of the application when you did “fly launch” process.
{your db name} is the name you specified in fly.toml under MYSQL_DATABASE key.

Now it works. Thanks for listening to my TED talk :smiley:

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