No response for job application


This is not a question about using Fly’s services, but about applying for a job at Fly.

I really like the company based on what I can see from the outside, I like to read their blog posts, and like their product as well. So I decided to check if they have any open positions, and they did, and their hiring docs were very positive too.

So I dropped them an email, excited for the answer. That was almost two weeks ago, and I got no response so far. The specific email address is in this case.

Does anyone have any experience regarding their hiring process? Do they do some kind of pre-filtering before even replying once? Or maybe there’s a problem with that email address? Am I just impatient?

Hi @HappyPanda, that’s growing pains, I’m afraid. I’m not involved in platform hiring, but in general: we don’t like that people are waiting to hear back, but there have been, ah, quite a few applications, and it’s taking time to get through them, alongside our non-hiring responsibilities.

Hey @catflydotio,

That makes sense, thanks for the quick answer! My main concern was whether I even sent the email to the correct address (though I re-checked it multiple times), or if there was an issue in email delivery somewhere along the line. A short automated response along the lines of “hey, we got your message, but it might take some time until we get back to you” would be useful to dismiss these, but I understand it might not be a priority. Anyways, I’ll keep waiting then :slight_smile:


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