Verification Email is never sent

Hello guys,

I have another account with another email address, and if I click on send verification email, I do not receive the email.
I checked spams and everything, but I can keep sending emails forever and I’ll never receive them.
I wish that a representative can contact me, so that I can share the email address in question.

Thanks in advance


Hopefully someone from Fly can investigate (yep, their email provider should be able to show data about whether it was sent and if so, if it was rejected, bounced etc). Until then my assumption would be emails are sent but are dropped by your email provider. Since I have that happen with my gmail. Emails just don’t arrive :neutral_face:. It may help to mark prior emails from as important, or add them to contacts etc so your provider knows you do want their emails.

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Thanks for your suggestion.
I’ve tried so, however, it is not solving my issue.
I just sent an email to and hope to get a reply.

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Hi, I’ve just responded to your support email.

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