I sent my interactive resume to an employer which is deployed on fly.io....

and out of unbelievably extremely bad luck, the flyio is having issue and the resume couldn’t open! Even though the site was around for long and running well.

The employer is not gonna undertand “this is a hosting issue” , the first thought he’s gonna have “this web dev is idiot”. And it happened twice: yesterday and today.

So yeah, never been more embarassed in my life.


Hey, @samk82 is this still an issue? Cause I can access it from my end. If it still is a problem can you run: curl -I https://samer-cv.fly.dev/ to see which edge you are hitting? A hint would be in the fly-request-id header. Mine looks like this:

fly-request-id: 01GWPQD5PWVXY1S1W2ZXR27CCP-jnb

The edge closest to me is jnb(Johannesburg)

I had to change region to make it work, not sure if it is solved in the original region tbh

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