No apps in account, but billing amount steadly increases

Hi, can someone help me understand?

These are my apps - all disabled/turned off. All development/minimal resources - was testing if my very simple app even deploys on It succeded, now I want to develop in on local before hosting again.

However, there seem to be some costs that keep accumulating:

Since yesterday, when I turned everything off for sure, it went up from 0.42 to 0.60.

What is happening over here? :smiley:

I was expecting free / hobby on small apps on shared resources, it seems that instead its paid for even no apps? :smiley:

Edit. After deleting all apps - the amount still accumulates.

I’ve deleted all apps after writing that post (it was still at 0.60).

Now, it’s 0.62…
2380 GB/hr × Volume: SSD Storage (at $0.0002083333 / month)

60045 GB/s × VM: Additional RAM (at $0.00000193 / month)

Seems clearly that something is not correct there.

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$0.63 :wink:

Got reply from support, pasting for future reference for anyone with the same problem.

It looks like you had a 1GB db, which would be your charge for extra RAM, as well as a few 40GB volumes. Both of these things are outside our free tier. The amounts are still accumulating in your billing because it can take a little while for our metrics to hit Stripe, so it has not updated yet with how long you had the db and apps running. Once that all catches up you won’t see any further charges build up. That said, we do not charge for anything under $5

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