New Status page

Some of you may have seen it already, but there’s a new Status page to provide more direct feedback for those directly affected by an issue or incident. We’ve heard from the community about reliability and know that the Fly status page is not always enough. Especially for more localized issues. We want to be better at communicating directly with you, the end user, so that you’re not in the dark all the time.

From time to time you might see maintenance updates, issue updates, etc…

Ideally, we’re doing out jobs so well that there are no status updates. But for the times there are, we’ll do our best to keep you in the loop.

You’ll find the Status page in the sidebar in your organization’s dashboard.

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It’s still early days and we’ll be iterating on this page a lot so you can expect improvements down the line.

What about from the CLI?

We know not everyone uses the browser dashboard. We’re thinking about that too. When we have something to share then you’ll hear from us.


hey @nathanw thanks

a bit of feedback if you don’t mind.

I have already seen an issue on the new status page a few days ago regarding one of the machines. Frankly it is not easy to notice it, you need to be on the main page of the dashboard and notice a small number in a circle on the left side mid screen. You don’t see it if you are on an app page

It is so easy to miss this notification. I’d definitely prefer to have the full error message (not just the notification icon) on the header of each page of the dashboard + email notification.

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@Elder Thanks for the feedback! I agree. It’s going to require some tuning on our end. We’re working towards finding that balance.

You mentioned the having it from the app page would be helpful, which is exactly our thinking too. We’ll be rolling something out soon that takes a step in that direction.

We’ll keep everyone posted as we move forward.


:wave: Hello everyone.

We’re continuing to improve the Status page based on feedback from the community. There’s still a lot of work to be done and tweaks to be made, but I wanted to mention that:

  • there’s a Status section app pages (bottom right side-- for now)
  • we’ve added incidents that appear on our public status page to the status page too. This should alleviate the need to check multiple pages:


I didn’t think I was running anything out of SEA, but it turns out there is an app in one org. It would be nice to know exactly which app was affected.

Edit: Ah, on the click-thru it shows the app.