New Fly+Fauna Distributed DB guides (Request for Feedback)

We just published two guides on quickly integrating Fly apps to Fauna (An alternative to Postgres+Stolon, MySQL, SQLite, or other managed/serverless DBs) with TypeScript and Python as part of the Fly documentation here:

We would love your feedback on the doc content, the link GitHub repos, or anything that can improve the content.

Quick summary: Fauna is a distributed document DB with full relational capabilities (foreign keys, joins, complex relations) that require no configuration of clusters, partitioning, or replication. You get low-latency transactions at the edge with strict serializability, server-side functions to minimize round trips and over-fetching, and a recently updated query language inspired by JavaScript - it’s like having a built-in ORM.

If you would like to experiment, we provide a generous free tier to try out. I am one of the community leads be happy to point you to more information about the integration and the DB’s architecture. Find me on our Discord at or provide your feedback or questions here. Any feedback (positive, negative) is highly valued here - thanks in advance!



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