New feature: improved dashboard page

We just shipped a new improved dashboard page. You can visit it here: Sign In · Fly

For this page, we wanted to give users a better experience while managing multiple apps so here’s a summary of what happened.

  • Our new dashboard is scoped by organizations.
  • We added a billing preview on the right side as it was not really easy to find it on the organization overview page.
  • Apps are ordered by the latest created or deployed ones first.
  • We added filters for status and app name.
  • You can quickly go to the search input by pressing ‘/’ (forward slash) on your keyboard.
  • Added icons to distinguish some of our special apps, namely: Builders, Livebook and Postgres Cluster.
  • You can see the version, latest deployment, total volume size in GB, and VM size directly on the list item.

For now, these are the changes introduced but we do hope we can get feedback from you guys on how we could improve this page even further.


I just signed up to Fly and was confused why the dashboard suddenly changed :joy:

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Ha, that’s a nice timing to see a feature rollout :laughing:

This is great! Visually it looks much better and has pretty relevant information available directly in the dashboard.
Thank you for the awesome work.

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That looks great! So much better.
Just a nitpick though…
I have only one organization and when clicking the dropdown to change it, there’s a hard to notice empty dropdown list.
Not something that makes a difference at all, especially to my UX, but just wanted to let you track it if you haven’t already.

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Thanks for reporting, I’ve missed this. I have many organizations already :sweat_smile:

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After using it for a few hours I think that there’s something quite annoying.

I’m used to click Apps (or the fly logo) to go back to the list of apps:

And it always goes to the personal account:

Which is quite annoying.

I suggest making the organization clickable, this would allow the user to jump to<org>

Thank you

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The first piece of information I felt was missing: # of instances running and in which regions for each app. Maybe total instances and # of instances per region?

All the other aspects of this are great!

Thanks for the feedback! We have that on our minds but there’s something new coming up that would make this work differently so we are waiting on it for now.

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+1, this is a ~modestly annoying asymmetry in the nav IA.

I am often bouncing between apps. From an “app detail” page (/apps/:appName) I want a place to click to quickly get back to the “apps list” page (/dashboard/:orgName).

I expected my org name in the breadcrumbs to do this, since I’m going to the logical parent of the app detail, but it takes me somewhere else.

(The overall sum total of these changes is a great improvement, fwiw! great job)

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Additional minor feedback:

Item 1: These controls dominate the precious “above the fold” space on the apps list (which I’d love to see there instead). Perhaps kick 'em off to the side or make them more compact (move filters to a dropdown select or whatever).

Item 2: Getting to very minor feedback: On first experience, topnav “Resources” with the bar graph made me expect this would lead to some sort of cross-org infrastructure resource list. Of course it’s not, and I’ve learned; perhaps a title like “Help” would clear it up…

Item #3: Any plan to include region config, e.g. on the Scale page? Would be great to see the current primary & backup regions; & options to edit those settings.

again, great update!

Thanks for the feedback, we implemented this :slight_smile: Related: New feature: improved organization pages

We have many ideas for our dashboard and apps pages but it’s not specifically on our roadmap yet.

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Oh that’s surprising. The regions X count scale seems so core to the operation of any app on Fly (and Fly’s versatility here shows up a bit in marketing too). Odd to me that it doesn’t have a prominent status & control.

(Fly’s scale mechanics are in some ways different than e.g. Heroku or Render – both of which expose instance count as a slider-type control – so I would think exposing these knobs visually could help with educating migrating users on what is/is not different here.)

anyway! </feature-request>


Feature request: would be great to have top values marked on some charts on Metrics page.

For example, on cache hits and DB size charts I cannot see the actual values until I drag my cursor to it. Only mid values are visible, which isn’t very helpful




Just re-upping this minor feature request, to bring the apps list above the fold. When I load, what I see without scrolling:

  • Small viewport: Just the left nav
  • Medium to large viewport (up to 80% of macbook m1 screen width): Left nav & right “billing info” stuff
  • XL viewport: Apps come into view

This, and always defaulting to the Personal org, are two minor annoyances (that make me scroll & click) every time I load the page. Show us the apps! :slight_smile:

(edit: sorry for bumping an ancient announcements thread, which I just realized…)