apps do not appear in the dashboard

The list of apps in the dashboard appears as empty although I have at least one running:

NAME                             OWNER    STATUS  LATEST DEPLOY
fauna-auth-server                personal dead    2021-02-25T20:56:40Z
fly-builder-still-waterfall-9260 personal dead    2021-04-29T20:50:32Z
polished-dream-1901              personal pending
polished-silence-5134            personal running 55s ago
restless-feather-4811            personal pending

Our poor dashboard. :frowning:

Is there a chance you’re logged in as a different user? You can run fly auth whoami to see what you’re authed with for the CLI. It is weird for that page to render at all and not include apps.

Oh sorry I’m an idiot… :rofl:

You are right. I was logged in to the CLI with another user.

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I only thought about it because I did the same thing last week. :smiley:

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