Feature: Improved App Page

As some of you might have noticed we rolled out an improved version of our app page :man_dancing:

Our goal with this was to make it prettier but also give y’all more context about your applications. This is just the starting point of our quest to make our web dashboard awesome. Here are some of the highlights of the changes we have made so far:

  • Our overview tab shows a little bit more information such as preview metrics, VM details, and the latest activity.
  • Added image details of the current deployment: this info would otherwise only be accessible via CLI doing fly image show -a appname.
  • Our ‘Logs’ tab became a ‘Monitoring’ tab where you can both see logs and also see the allocations running on your app so you can quickly debug any issues seeing logs for all or specific VMs.
  • Added a scale tab where you can both change VM size and memory now.
  • Added volumes and secrets tabs with read-only data for now.
  • Added some link helpers to some pages explaining to you how to manage some of our features.
  • Really cool new navbar :slight_smile:

It’s looking awesome, kudos to whoever worked on it :slight_smile:

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I think it looks really cool!

One thing that frustrated me (at least three times, no less!): When I click on the organisation name, it leads me to the org dashboard, instead to a list of apps of that org. On the other hand, when I tap “Apps” the personal org always is shown first. Or have I missed a way to go to all apps of the current org?

EDIT: Nevermind, I just found out that I got to click on the button on the very left :grimacing:

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Oh, we have some things on the road for this :slight_smile: but thanks for sharing the frustration, those are good things we should look into.

Great work @lubien, really enjoying the steady progress.

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I’m slightly confused by the “Machines” page. There’s definitely VMs running, but it shows empty. Is it a different kind of machine?

Corporate told me to add this: Spoiler Alert

This is a feature that is on the cusp of being released.

We will elaborate more on this when this is actually released but for now, think of it as a new way of running VMs. For now you should be able see your VMs on the Monitoring tab.

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Oh nice, thanks :slight_smile: