Network issue from Fly?

I have an app hosted on my fly and now it’s not receiving requests from one of the domains. Looking at statuspage, seems like you did some changes related to the Anycast network maintenance. Is it the cause?

Can you post a few more details about your app?

The Anycast network maintenance is scheduled to begin about 10 hours from now, so it’s not the cause of any problems you’re currently facing with your app.

Hmm, that’s odd then. My app is just a normal rails application, nothing special. During the time of the incident, the host returned 520 to CloudFlare. Requests didn’t come to the app according to the application logs. I tried to restart but no luck at all. It recovered after a little while, but I’m curious what caused the problem.

Looking into this further, there was indeed a brief (~20min) outage in a network carrier in the Los Angeles area starting at 08:50 UTC that affected Internet traffic routed through this region (including a lot of global traffic). Some requests from hkg were temporarily unable to be routed to your app instance in iad as a result.