Needed info on the Hobby plan

Hello, before I bought the basic plan I needed some information.
I have a project that is a nodeJS server. I wanted to know if this plan supports creating a nodeJS server and provides an ssl connection? (It doesn’t have to be a custom domain, just want the requests sent to be https. Additionally I also wanted to know whether the server uptime would be 24/7 or would there be sleep cycles in this. Any information would be appreciated.

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Hi @Haziq

That is correct, just by shipping your app it will get a URL so thats SSL built-in.

Uptime can be either 24/7 or sleep and wake on TCP really fast, you can configure that on your fly.toml file using auto_stop_machines and auto_start_machines options then fly deploy again to apply changes!

Thanks for the information, I forgot to mention one more thing. The app also needs an mySQL db, am i correct in understanding that if i want to use mysql i would need to launch another application for mysql db that would create the instance and then connect that instance with the app to make it work?

That’s correct!

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