name already taken

I created an app but then I deleted it because I had to recreate the repo, but now fly launch won’t work because it says app name is already taken, yet I have no apps defined in my dashboard. How do I get it to remove that name from wherever it is storing it, because I want to use that same name.

Are you trying to use the same name of an app you just deleted?

yeah but I just made a different one, didn’t have time to mess with it…

Any answer to this? I am getting a “name taken” error when I don’t have any apps listed with that name.

Yup, app names need to be globally unique. This is in part because they all receive a $ hostname from us.

there’s some good discussion in the following thread:

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hello, the answer here doesn’t seem quite right to me. yes all names need to be unique but my problem (and it sounds like OP’s problem) is that we’ve created an app, but either aborted the launch process or deleted it, and are still receiving the “name already taken” error. how do we flush cache/delete remnants/convince Fly that this app doesn’t actually exist so we can go ahead re-creating it?

edit: i may have figured it out. in my dashboard, the app wasn’t showing up (which was what was confusing to me - there’s no app here, why am i getting a “name already taken” error?!), but then in the command line using fly info shows there was an app, so i used fly destroy to delete it and that allowed me to re-create it.

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