Fly Launch Page Says "Something Unexpected Happened"

Hi. When I run fly launch from my app. It says, “Do you want to tweak these settings?” If I hit “no” it says “app name is already taken”. If I hit “yes”, it takes me to a Fly Launch page where if I change the app name and click Confirm Settings, it says “Something unexpected happened.” No more details given than that. I can’t get past this tonight. Anyone know why offhand? It’s a Nuxt app. :pray:

Hi… My guess would be this:

fly launch --name frontend22 may offer a route around it.

(It could take a few tries with the suffix, though.)

Hope this helps!

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Added flyctl

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Thanks for fast reply! I think you’re probably right. I found a similar workaround by just giving the frontend app a folder name that is super unique. And then fly launch runs without needing tweaks. :pray::pray:

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