Name already taken with random name


I just tried to launch an app with a very unique name several times in a couple of different organizations with different names (even once mashing the keyboard at the end for randomness), and every time I’ve gotten a “name is already taken” error. I know that Fly app names have to be unique, but it seems highly unlikely that I’d have a naming conflict here.


Fly app names have to be globally unique. If you’re having trouble, try prefixing the app name with your own name or company name.

If you really think it’s a bug, share the name with me and I can double check.

Thanks for the quick response! Probably the strangest thing about it was that I was able to get past the configuration webpage without trouble; only once the CLI tried to actually create it did the error appear. For the name, I was using various combinations of bulldog-aleks-paypal, if you want to check it - as I said, I don’t think that’s a very common app name.

I replaced paypal with invoices in the name and it worked - is there a specific set of banned words/company names to prevent scams? If there is, that makes sense, but it’s curious that the configuration page didn’t complain.

I’ve updated the error message here:

❯ fly apps create test-paypal
? Select Organization: <redacted>
Error: Name blocked by abuse filter. Paypal is a common phishing target, please select a new app name that doesn't contain Paypal

Normally for abuse prevention we need to err on the side of “don’t give any information away”. In this case though, that was a mistake.

We see a lot of phishing (think,, The unfortunate answer is to just denylist certain company names.

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