"Name has already been taken" when I have no apps

I recently had issues with launching an app, and decided to start over from scratch. I deleted all of my old apps, using fly apps destroy, and after checking the dashboard, I confirmed that everything had been wiped.

I then tried to complete the Hands-on with Fly.io tutorial. I noticed that when using fly launch and trying to specify the name, it would let me enter a name and then select the region for deployment, but upon finishing the command, I got the following:

Error: Validation failed: Name has already been taken

Even weirder was that upon looking at the dashboard, I found a randomly-named app sitting there. I was then able to fly deploy and I could access the hostname of this from my browser. This same issue happens when I try to follow the Rails tutorial.

I also noticed that when selecting an Upstash Redis plan, I get the following when I try to select the free plan:

input:3: createAddOn You may only provision 1 Free plan per organization

It is worth noting that whether I am trying to name an app something entirely new, or naming it the same as an app I have previously deleted, it tells me there is already an app with that name.

I am assuming that all this is due to Fly taking time to update on which apps I have, and whether I have an app using the free plan for Upstash Redis, but I would like to ask three things:

  1. How long does it take the list of my apps to update?
  2. Is there anything I need to edit locally when deleting an app?
  3. Why am I being told I already have apps with certain names, when I’ve never used them before?

App names must be globally unique, so if an app name you’re trying to use has already been associated with another app by another user it will fail. If you leave the app name field blank then we’ll assign a random unique name for the app.

You don’t need to delete anything locally when deleting an app. If you’re trying to delete and recreate an app with the same name, then it can take a minute after deleting the app for the name to be registered as available again. If you hit an error, just wait a minute and retry, or use a different name.

Every organization can only have one free tier upstash redis app. It looks like you already have one provisioned. You can see all Upstash apps on your account by running fly redis list and remove any unwanted ones with fly redis destroy

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