my app was migrated to apps v2, but a v1 vm is still running and can not scale it down

My app was recently migrated to the Apps v2.

For some reason the v1 vm is still running.

fly vm status 958d215c says:
Error: it looks like your app is running on v2 of our platform, and does not support this legacy command: try running fly machine status instead

fly machine status 958d215c says invalid ID.

Any ideas?

This isn’t supposed to happen, but unpredictable behavior like this is part of why we wanted to change our stack in the first place! This should be pretty easy to fix, though.

fly apps set-platform-version detached
fly scale count 0
fly apps set-platform-version machines

Running these commands should get rid of the rogue nomad VM, but won’t affect any running machines.

Thank you, worked like a charm!

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