Found machines that aren't part of the Fly Apps Platform

When we run fly status against a Machines app, we get no machine info but we see this output:

Found machines that aren't part of the Fly Apps Platform, run fly machines list to see them.

The machines are running fine. We can fly ssh on to them. That’s good.

In the “dashboard” web UI, we see our machines. We also see some extra machines. The extra machines are all in state “destroyed”. According to their events, these destroyed extra machines were destroyed at different times, generally between 1 and 5 days ago.

This is not a critical problem, but any insight/advice/speculation is welcome.

Hey Grilla. Fly is moving away from Nomad based apps, a.k.a. V1 apps, to Machines apps also called V2 apps.

Commands like fly launch, fly deploy and fly status are meant for interaction with a Fly application. An application is a group of machines that run the same configuration as defined by fly.toml.

A Fly application can have different process groups, and each process group can scale horizontally by adding machines with the same configuration; or vertically (mem, cpu, disk) by changing all machines within the same group.

Before Apps v2 were introduced, it was possible (and still is) to run machines of different configurations within the same app but those don’t belong to Apps V2 platform, they are individual machines each with its own configuration that aren’t declared in fly.toml. Those are usually launched using fly machine run.

As the error message says, fly status won’t show those machines because they aren’t recognized as part of a V2 app, but they can be listed using fly machines list which is a lower level interface to all machines in your app.

I hope that makes it clearer :white_flag: