My app keeps being suspended

Visit your newly deployed app at

C:\Users\Chimeziri Anyanwu\support-engineer-challenge> flyctl doctor
Testing authentication token… PASSED
Testing flyctl agent… PASSED
Testing local Docker instance… PASSED
Pinging WireGuard gateway (give us a sec)… PASSED

App specific checks for tasks-done:
Checking that app has ip addresses allocated… PASSED
Checking A record for… PASSED
Checking AAAA record for… PASSED

Build checks for tasks-done:
Checking docker context size (this may take little bit)… PASSED (25 kB)
Checking for .dockerignore… PASSED

I tired using Fly Doctor to debug it, everything ticked “Passed”.
Earlier, It said "Nope"for Docker, i had install docker locally and it “passed” and yet it fails to deploy appropriately without being suspended.

I had to check my logs, and here’s the error message. Till can not find why the app is being suspended

What type of application? Does it run locally? Isn’t that like one-shot? For example, if the implementation is such that the application shuts down after processing is complete, the Fly runner will try to keep restarting it.

I did fly deploy --local-only and i did not get any errors. I only see this whenever I check the logs.
However, Fly Doctor said everything “PASSED”

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