I can't deploy and the builder app is marked as suspended

Since yesterday I am trying to deploy but it times out because the builder app is not responding. Checking in the web dashboard, it says the builder is suspended. How should I proceed?

A “suspended” status is misleading for remote builders (we’re working on it). It doesn’t mean anything bad. It just means it is stopped.

Looking at the logs for your builder: it appears the SIGUSR1 signal is sent too early and killing your builder. We use that signal to tell the builder to “stay alive” a little while longer. This is to prevent a race condition of sending in a build request and the builder shutting down.

Are you running 2 deploys at the same time? It looks like it’s receiving a SIGUSR1 60 milliseconds after it has started and our app did not have time to listen for the USR1 signal. Failing to intercept this signal will result in a shutdown. Your builder is staying alive about 1 second.

Thanks for replying, and no, I am running one single deploy. My flyctl version is flyctl v0.0.462 darwin/arm64 Commit: 2090b107 BuildDate: 2023-02-17T09:37:58Z, maybe is something with the CLI?

Hmm, that’s possible yes.

I’ve pushed an update to the remote builder image that should fix this issue.

Can you try:

# locate your machine ID
fly m list -a <your-fly-builder-app-name>

# update the 
fly m update <machine-id> -i flyio/rchab:sha-85a5ee9

Then deploy as usual.

While I can list my builder app and get its id, when I tried fly m update it says the machine not found.

You tried this machine and it returned an error? 3d8d375b323189

Correct, that is the machine id I used.

fly m update 3d8d375b323189 -i flyio/rchab:sha-85a5ee9
Error failed to get VM 3d8d375b323189: machine not found

@pedroassumpcao ok this is weird. I’d try deleting the builder app entirely and then redpeloying. I’ve set this new builder image as the default now and so your new builder should get it.

Destroying the builder app and deploying right after worked. Now there is another builder app in place.