Suspended Apps

Hey, I have a couple of apps and a couple of Postgres apps. The two non Postgres apps became suspended I don’t know exactly when, but looking at the activity I see that:

We have no idea of who and why the Fly Admin Bot is or did, nor why.

We are trying to go back to normal, but all this is quite confusing. Since we don’t know what really happened.

Hi there,

Fly Admin Bot tried to migrate your Apps V1 (running on Nomad) to the Apps V2 (running on Machines) platform, but something went wrong with the migration.

Can you confirm that your apps are running even them being suspended?

If they are running, try fly resume <app-name> and check if the suspended status goes away.

Also, can you try to migrate both apps to V2 manually, using flyctl migrate to v2 · Fly Docs?

So you tried to migrate my apps, left one of them non-working, unable to deploy, and never thought to notify me? I really think that’s not ok.

I will try to run the migrate script manually for the remaining one that I still haven’t. But again, I think this is way unprofessional to do to your customers.

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