Multiple processes but only one volume

Hi we’re using flyctl 0.0.452 now, a few hours ago on flyctl 0.0.451 we had no problems.

The issue we’re running into is that we have two processes running from our app, a web process and a worker process, and one volume that is (was) mounted specifically to the web process, e.g.

  processes = ["web"]

With that config I got Error not enough volumes named media (1) to run 2 processes on our most recent deploy. I read Fly Apps on machine prerelease and removed both processes and source from mounts and planned to use Fly Apps on machine prerelease processes steps but now I get

mounts: [0] Source can't be blank
mounts: source volume "" does not exist
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we just released a new version of flyctl to fix some issues we saw on 0.0.452 – thanks for calling this out. You can now upgrade to the latest version with flyctl version update

Great, thank you @eli ! Will follow up

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Worked great, thank you again @eli

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