MinIO web portal mostly broken

Following the guide and connecting via proxy allows me to access the web admin at port 9001, but most of the functionality within the web portal does not work, including key generation.

What I observe happening when I press the button to generate a key is that there are some JavaScript chunks that the browser tries to download, but the network request remains permanently in pending state for these requests.

I’m new to minIO but it seems I will require key generation in order to initialize their SDK. If this functionality is available through mc then it would be great to have the docs updated to show how to do this. I have not yet tried Wireguard to see if the same conditions exist there, but it’s clear that the guide as it’s currently written is not leading to a functional web admin so I’m hoping that some maintainers or knowledgeable community members can go through the process to confirm what I’m observing and update the docs with a working solution :pray:t3:

Hi @saxymofo, I can reproduce what you’re describing. When I try to generate a new access key through the MinIO web console my 256MB VM runs out of memory. In my logs:

[info][   69.013668] Out of memory: Killed process 519 (minio) total-vm:1025856kB, anon-rss:202056kB, file-rss:0kB, shmem-rss:0kB, UID:0 pgtables:704kB oom_score_adj:0

(and from an email I got telling me my app OOMed)

It’s not a cost-free solution, but upgrading my VM to 512M RAM was enough for poking around in there.

From the metrics tab in my app dashboard, there seems to be quite a spike in memory usage going through the browser interface for certain things. I don’t know how memory-intensive a small object store would get in use if you stick to the CLI.

I’ll add a note to the guide.

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