Is wireguard down in ord?

I have an app running in ord that proxies to another machine via wireguard. Keepalives stopped about a day ago and even after restarting both ends it’s not coming back up. Help?

Just to clarify, you can’t connect from one wireguard peer to another, or you can’t connect to a VM running on Fly, or both?

The VM running in Fly can’t connect to the proxied server, and the proxied server shows no handshake and no incoming bytes from the Fly peer.

Ok thank you! We’re investigating.

We’ve managed to replicate with one of our peers. We’re not sure what’s up yet, but we’ll figure it ou.

Hey there. It looks like one of our wg interfaces quietly lost its eBPF program. It should be working now, and we’re adding monitoring for it.

Let us know if it’s ORD is still janky? We’re still poking at it.