Migrate to v2 does not work: "no guest found for process 'app'"

I’m trying to migrate our app to v2, but get this message:

Error: could not create machine to reach autoscale minimum count: no guest found for process ‘app’

Didn’t found anything in the docs and I don’t know how to proceed now :slight_smile:


The issue is that your app has two process group named “web” and “worker”, but the migration code can’t handle autoscaled apps without a process group named “app”.

My suggestion is to disable autoscaling before migrating fly autoscale disable, then migrate with fly migrate-to-v2, and finally add the following to your service section and redeploy:

internal_port = 8080
auto_start_machines = true
auto_stop_machines = true
min_machines_running = 1

For more details see: Automatically Stop and Start Machines · Fly Docs

Aaaah, thanks a lot, that worked!

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