Beta-Testers Wanted: Migrating Apps With Autoscaling

Hi everyone. We’ve been pushing hard to get Nomad out, and we’re getting close! One sticking point we’ve found is that migrating apps with autoscaling enabled wasn’t a simple 1 to 1 translation. After a little internal discussion, we’re working on a solution to get those apps migrated over. The good news is that it’s pretty close to being done. We just need some help. No matter how many interesting edge cases we think of, the world can probably think of more. If you’d like to beta test this new feature, git checkout the autoscaling_migrate branch, and try running fly migrate-to-v2 on any autoscaling Nomad apps you still have running, and let us know how it goes!

What does this change from Nomad autoscaling

For now, we don’t have autoscaling implemented for apps v2. By autoscaling, we mean creating and destroying machines as needed. The migration works by creating a few machines that are set to never turn off, while creating a few other machines that are set to autostart and autostop. That way, 99% of the time they aren’t running, and only start running when your app starts reaching capacity.