Making AAAA record

Hello all,

I am currently running an nocodb site on a fly app. I am trying to make an A record pointing to my V4 address and an AAAA record to my V6 address. Is there anyway to do this with wireguard?

I am using a MacOS for reference. Thank you in advance for any assistance!

so flyctl does have a vestigial sub-command to manage DNS records, but I wouldn’t recommend using it.

You’ll want to use a third-party DNS provider to manage your domains’ records (we ourselves use DNSSimple for records).

I’m not quite sure what you’d like to do with wireguard in this context. Would you mind expanding on that a bit?

For reference, here’s the section of our documentation which discusses both Wireguard and DNS on our platform:

-Private Networking · Fly Docs

hopefully this helps answer your question!