Machines API Client Package For Laravel


I worked on a small PHP API client wrapper around the Fly machines API. I hope you find it useful. A quick note, I did not test if every implemented function is working properly since I only use a small part of the package and wrote the package by looking at the flyctl golang code.

This is my first Laravel package, so please be kind :slight_smile: .

A simple example:

use SecurityDiscovery\LaravelFlyMachines\Facades\LaravelFlyMachines as FlyMachines;

// List machines of an app.
$machines = FlyMachines::machines('my-fly-app')->list();

Of course, there is plenty of room left for improvement. For instance, someone could try to map the response to an object (type-hinting, etc) or implement tests :slight_smile: .

Feel free to check it out. The README also contains more examples!

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This looks like an awesome Laravel package @kaulse! Iā€™m excited to check this out when I get the chance to :raised_hands:

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