LogDNA + Fly - crashing our servers?

Hi everyone,

We’ve been trying to set up logdna and winston (nodejs).

When deploying these changes out, our server seems to crash/freeze. It will constantly restart.
The “server started on …” log shows up in logdna, and then its just constantly restarting.

As soon as we remove logdna/logging, everything starts to work correctly, including the logs we’ve had rendering to console.log

Does anybody have any ideas?

Do you have logs? It sounds like the VM is crashing, possibly due to an exception from the logdna library. You can also run fly vm status <id-of-failing-vm> to see if it’s exiting due to a crash, or causing health check failures for some reason.

It might be better to stream Fly logs to LogDNA directly, rather than write them from your app. You’ll get logs of crashes that way, and your app code can just log to console.

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