Cannot get logs, even after deleting/recreating the app

I keep not being able to get logs from the machines. Yesterday everything was fine, today I deleted and even re-created my app in my desperation but fly logs -a <app> -i <machine> -r <region> gives zero output even though the app is (seemingly) running and most definitely outputs things. Is there some sort of outage?

Crucially this happens after scaling the app down from the default 2 to only 1 machine, it seems. Logs just stop.

Also had issues with the free Docker builder today, though only the first time (it didn’t un-pause) the second time it worked.

Hey there,

What happens when you run fly logs by itself with no flags passed in? Also are you seeing any info when you go to your dashboard- select your app- click on monitoring on the left hand side?

Fly logs reference- flyctl logs · Fly Docs

Same issue, no output w fly logs, the dashboard only shows the output of the shut down 2nd machine

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