Not receiving logs anymore

:wave: dear community.

Yesterday, we ran into a problem while deploying our app (deployment system did roll-back from v50 → v8 and then we could not deploy anymore).

So we decided to destroy and recreate the application and relaunch from scratch. It worked very well and within a few minutes we were back with the right version running :muscle:.

But somehow, we don’t get anything logged anymore. Running flyctl logs doesn’t print anything since yesterday. Not sure what we can do here? Maybe somebody has an idea?

Thank you in advance.

Hi! Would you mind sharing the name of the app where this happened? It would help us to debug this.

Hey @billy, thank you for having a look into it.

The app name is marko-development with the ID 3d8d934dc30618.
Thank you in advance.


Interesting, so it looks like logs aren’t being sent to our backend either. Can you confirm that your app is outputting to stdout/err?
It looks there were some issues on the worker your app was being hosted, that the wonderful @lillian fixed.

Thank you so much. Keep up the good work :heart:.

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