fly-log-shipper Errors with LogDNA

I recently set up fly-log-shipper in two different organizations pointing to LogDNA. It seems to be working pretty well, but I’m getting a lot of warning messages in the logs from the log shipper having connection errors to LogDNA. This is happening with both instances in two different regions.

The log messages from fly-log-shipper are:

WARN sink{component_kind="sink" component_id=logdna component_type=logdna component_name=logdna}:request{request_id=799}: vector::sinks::util::retries: Retrying after response. reason=500 Internal Server Error: {"error":"Error during Accounts.find","code":"ServerError","status":"error"}

It seems to be working fine, though I’m not sure if this means that some log entries are getting lost. Is this normal, or does the log shipper need some updates to make the connections more stable with LogDNA?

I see that error constantly in our logs. I haven’t noticed any problems with events going missing, but this doesn’t inspire confidence.

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