Smth like LiteFS for MongoDB?

I did my googling, it doesn’t seem like LiteFS for MongoDB exists, as LiteStream created about SQLite. I wonder if any hints on LiteFS for MongoDB exists (we need NoSQL database for our project)?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t have any particular suggestions for LiteFS-for-MongoDB but SQLite does provide a lot of JSON functions if you needed something document-like in SQLite:

Thank you! It’s not JSON features I’m looking for, it a desire to avoid SQL with necessity to serialize/desereliaze data, writing SQL queries and, what is most important, schemas migration - to avoid.

Hi @alex-p!

there was an unofficial post about it.

It might help u but I have not figured it out how to access thim via e.g MongoDB Compass. I guess it is something to with fly firewall, networking etc.

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I’ve once wrote a guide on how to do this with postgres, I believe it’s the same steps for mongo too:

I’ve managed to connect with mongo compass using fly proxy before

Thank you. It doesn’t seem to me question though… It’s not that I wonder how roll out MongoDB on Fly, as I wonder how to use LiteFS for MongoDB.

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