Fly regions visualised

I was curious to see the distribution of fly regions on a map so I visualised it with It was much easier for me to plan regional replicas with something to look at.

Maybe the fly regions page could show am embedded map to help people?


looks and sounds fantastic :heart_eyes:

Where is data center 21? Which fly region is that one?

I think toronto. Regions · Fly Docs.

I thinks the docs might be outdated I can’t see NJ.


It’s there but it says Secaucus :sweat_smile:

Prague or Warschau would be nice to have something in the east of Europe (even though I realise that the distances in the USA are a lot bigger still).

Is there a roadmap/any plan for future regions?

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Is there a roadmap/any plan for future regions?

I guess the “easy choices” are given by the presence of the current Anycast network and Colocation provider .