List of edges

Is it possible to start listing edges in the regions page alongside the regions we can deploy to?

There was an old thread regarding edges (List of Edge Node Region - Questions / Help - from 2021 but that list is different to whats on the regions page.

In particular, I’m looking to know if there are edges in Dubai, Egypt, Kenya, and Vietnam. Not looking to deploy VMs but just if there are edges to receive local traffic so that we can use backhaul to the region where our VMs are deployed.

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We have edges in Dubai. Would you be doing anything differently if we had edges in those other regions?

Better serving our customers I guess.

It’s quite common for residential ISPs in African/Asian/Middle Eastern countries to provide fast domestic backhaul and slow international backhaul.

This means that if you don’t have a termination point for your customers connection inside their country your service will be slow for them as it has to use a slow international backhaul.

Having recently traveled to Vietnam I’m aware of how painfully slow overseas websites can be.

Having a list of edges will allow us to anticipate if a potential customer may have problems accessing our services.

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